11/2008 - AOS Awards - Joinville Orchid Show - Brazil
Laelia purpurata var. striata 'Rodrigo'
AM 84
Exhibited by Rodrigo Nessler

All awards considered provisional until published in the AOS Awards Quarterly. Pictures are not the AOS Award slides. Descriptions are subject to revision in final publication.
 Measurements in cm.
 Ns  14.8  nsv  14.0
 Dsw  2.6  dsl  8.3
 Pw  5.0  pl  7.9
 Lsw  2.5  lsl  7.2
 Lipw  3.6  lipl  6.0
 # flwrs

 # buds

 # infl

 Description: Three flat flowers well displayed on one inflorescence; sepals and petals white overlaid with light lavender, darker lavender veining distally; lip magenta-purple with white mark at apex, throat white with magenta striping; substance firm, texture matte.


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