My unusual hobby – spiders!

I have a pretty unusual hobby – I keep spiders. Yes I know they aren’t the cutest and cuddliest member of the animal family, but I kinda like them.

If you want to start keeping spiders, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact you can start with zero.

Most people fear spiders and can’t imagine keeping them as pets. However, spiders can be turned to wonderful pets. There are many varieties of spiders and if you decide to keep them as pets, it is a good idea to have a variety of them so as to have a clear overview of their behavior. The problem that most people face is how to start keeping spiders as pets. It is a simple procedure and the requirements are not that demanding. Below are the few steps that can allow you keep them as fascinating pets:

1.Start Catching Different Species Of Spiders

Spiders are all over indoors and outdoors. Just take your time to catch them in a jar with a lid. However, you should not keep two spiders in one jar as they will eat each other. Besides, when you are catching them, be aware that some of the spiders bite while others are venomous. Put different species in different jars and if possible, clearly label each species.

peppermint oil for spiders

2.Prepare A Cage For The Spiders

When you want to have spiders as pets, you should have a cage that will form a suitable niche for them to stay. For the large spiders, you should provide plastic terrariums that are available from pet stores. You can use jars or plastic containers to keep small spiders provided a small hole is drilled into the lid or sides. However, you have to be careful with the size of the hole such that the spider will not be able to escape. Besides, you have to provide some dead leaves, sticks and artificial plants so as to provide structures for webbing, climbing and hiding.

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3.Provide Water To The Spiders

You can use a plastic bottle cap or a small bowl to serve as water dish. Spiders just like other pets drink water to be sprayed on webbing. When providing water, you have to be careful not to allow the gauge to be damp.

4.Feed The Spiders

Taking spiders as pets means you have to feed them. You can buy the insects such as crickets from the pet shops or collect the insects outdoor if no insecticides have been sprayed. The insects should be offered once or twice a week.

5.Observe Your Spider

You should take some time to watch your spider and take notes concerning its behavior. You will not know what is going on in its web until that moment you are there to watch. Therefore, spiders can be kept as fascinating pets just like other animals.

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My favourite Broadway Shows

I am a big fan of musicals, so I thought I would write about some of my favourite shows I have seen over the years.

Broadway is a common name in New York, and the theatre is known for the massive performances that it has hosted over the years. Many shows have been hosted in the theatre, which have been super successful. Here is a look at some of the most successful shows on Broadways, over the past two decades.
• Gypsy – 2008
This show was initially produced in 1959 and it was officially launched in 2008. It might not be the biggest Broadway show of all times, but it is among the most financially successful shows. The show was directed by Arthur Laurents, who was 91 by then. It also featured Patti LuPone and was the show that made Laura Benati famous. One memorable moment of this show was when LuPone scolded an audience that was using a phone during the performance.

Shen Yun Performing Arts -

• Sweeney Todd – 2005
This one was originally produced in 1979 and it was an amazing performance from the stars like Patti LuPone. It talked about a murderous barber, who had a more brutal accomplice. The instruments played in this show are unforgettable and also, it featured some of the best actors. Raul Esparza was one of the lead actors.

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• Cabaret – 1998
This show was originally produced in 1966 and it was such a success that it was held twice. It was produced under the Sam Mendes Productions and it was first launched in London in 93. It was shifted to New York five years later and Rob Marshall was the co-director. Marshall is known for directing the top hit movie, Chicago. The Cabaret show featured the renown London emcee, Alan Cumming. The show is listed as one of the leading shows on Broadways.

• Chicago
Chicago was originally produced in 1975. The show was directed by Walter Bobbie and Ann Reiking worked on the Fosse-esque choreography of the show. This show is closely linked to the movie, Chicago. It has a theme revolves around jazz and it influenced an Oscar-winning film adaptation. The show is known to bring some of the top actors and other stars into the limelight. Some of the top names that were promoted by Chicago include Ashlee Simpson, Jerry Springer and Brooke Shields. Chicago is ranked the best among the Broadway shows. Even in 2014, the show was still active and it proves just how successful it has been over the years.

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How I am learning to avoid debt in my life

A number of years ago I got into bad debt, and struggled to get rid of that debt. I am still paying off debt, but in a much better place now than what I was. I just thought I would sahre a few of the things from my journey that I have learned along the way.

To many of us, debts are a nightmare. When trapped in, it becomes really hard to carry on with your normal life. Even the smallest penny you are lucky to get ends up paying debts and, as a result, the hope of being financially free or succeeding takes a turn for the worst. The good news, however, is that you can avoid debt. What you are about to read are ways you can use to avoid debt and become financially independent.

Practice self-control

Self-control has been applauded by many as the quickest and most sustainable way one can use to stay out of debt. Unfortunately, we live in a world that elevates and encourages spending. TV, magazine and radio commercials persistently influence many of us to exhaust every little coin we have.

But what we need to remember is that we should mostly buy what we really need and avoid what we don’t need. Let’s beware of the advertiser’s intentions. Bear in mind that getting locked up in unnecessary spending is the key to being heavily indebted.

So clearly understand the difference between wants and needs and proceed to spend your money wisely. This will assist you in avoiding unnecessary debt. One of the top questions many people ask is how long until my debt is wiped out ? follow the link to read more.

Have a budget

Provided we are still living from hand to mouth, it’s upon each of us to exercise more control over our money. To begin with, come up with a reasonable budget.

Our family affairs majorly revolve around finances, health, school fees, mortgage and so and so forth. Planning for each of these and not going ahead to live beyond our means is the most effective way to avoid falling into a debt trap.

The availability of quick credit has, in fact, made things worse. And so if we don’t budget correctly, then indebtedness may come knocking soon.

Practice saving

Once we’ve budgeted for our needs, the next thing that should be done is to aim to save the remaining money. All of us are capable of doing this as long as we properly manage our income and expenses.

Savings, aside from accumulating interests, can really help when unexpected situations that need a little bit of spending come up.

Keep in mind that the chances of going into a debt are way too high when you have no extra cash flow or savings to deal with problems that may arise.

Develop good monetary habits

One thing that’s a no-brainer is that you must track your bills every month and proceed to pay them on time. Develop a habit whereby you settle all your bills in full on time to avoid paying extra fees. This way, you can avoid extra charges.

It’s easy to lose track of your expenditure when you shop and engage in other activities that require spending before paying the essential bills. So prioritize your needs as well.

Still, there are plenty of other ways you can use to avoid debt, apart from the aforementioned. They include:

• Have a realistic credit card limit
• Keep off unpaid balances on your card
• Explore all avenues before spending or borrowing
• Keep your service providers informed

When you put all the listed strategies into consideration, it surely becomes easy to avoid debt. So proceed to apply all these in your life and you’ll be pleased to note your financial life changing for the better. Good luck.

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