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The Pacific Central Judging Center, Inc.
of the American Orchid Society, Inc.

Recent Awards:  
Paph. helenae
C. loddegesii f. alba
'Streeter's Alba'
Bulb. cumingii
''Gold Country'
Paph. Crouching Tiger
'Austin Creek'
Phal. tetraspis
'Slyvia Langland'
HCC 78
AM 82
CBR (provisional)
HCC 75
HCC 75

The Pacific Central Judging Centers provide orchid enthusiasts access to the American Orchid Society system of awards.

It is the aim of the American Orchid Society to provide timely judging sessions such that "no bloom should fade" without the opportunity of being considered for an AOS award. Therefore, the Pacific Central Judging Center convenes twice a month,
once in Oakland and once in San Francisco.

AOS Judging begins at 7:00 PM. Entries should arrive at least 1/2 hour early to facilitate completion of the paperwork.

Cut flower submission info.

AOS Judging Request Forms

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